It’s the time of year again where Team Elledge is excited to announce the 2019 TPW Photo-Moto workshop! 
For those of you who are not familiar with one of our favorite traditions, going to Italy each year is a passion of Paul’s. Adding to the passion is the opportunity to teach a workshop using scooters as the mode of transportation!  The Photo-Moto workshop is a photographic tour to some of the many magical villages in Sicily.  It’s a week of visual, photographic and cultural growth!  Together, we do photography and build upon your current skill set hands-on no matter your level- from iPhone to DSLR and beyond.  You will grow in both your photography talent and your knowledge of all of the beauty & history Sicily has to offer your creativity.  While exploring the beautiful countryside, seaside, and small villages Paul will work to help you find your personal point of view.  
We had such a great time last year, that we couldn’t wait to share the news with you! 
The workshop is from Semptember 21-28, 2019, and you can click here to register and ask any questions you might have. Also, you can save € 100 on any 2019 Workshop. And with the Early Bird Special: you will get another € 90 off if you register early. Summing up the two offers, you will save € 190 on the Photo-Moto workshop! In the meantime, we couldn’t help but share some of the great BTS from last year’s workshop. We really look forward to seeing you!