We just wrapped up a fantastic workshop at the studio produced by ASMP Chicago/Midwest.

And we want to take a moment and thank our sponsors- THE WORKBOOK, Yodelist, GigRig, and JS Graphics. Thanks to Linda Levy (From Workbook) on the awesome presentation on promoting oneself as well as the creative exercises we all did together. (Not to mention the tasty treats!)

We also want to also thank all of the students that took the journey with us to build their toolboxes to create remarkable images that stick in the souls of those that see them.  We appreciate their attendance and active participation in our program.  Team Elledge looks forward to watching each one of them grow and put the newfound knowledge into their images and brand development.

HUGE THANKS GO to Mary Rafferty and Mariah Karson for asking the studio to be part of the ASMP Chicago/Midwest Workshop Program.  They both did an amazing amount of work producing the workshop and ensuring that things ran smoothly each day.

We also had two special guests during the program that should not go unnoticed.  Thank you, Jason Lindsey, for lending your wisdom and sharing your work with the group.   And, thanks also to Joyce Taft for the great energy and lessons that you shared.

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity!  Many Thanks!